Food Manufacturer


Established in the 1970s, this company is truly a family business and is managed by three generations of the same family.

Following a request from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), Square One was engaged to conduct a competitive energy tender and to assist the company in acquiring the skills internally to allow them to purchase energy themselves in future.


Industry training was provided to the senior management team to transfer the skills required to avoid the utility industry pitfalls and to maintain a competitive supply contract in future. We also ensured they were given the necessary knowledge to allow them to properly oversee any third party providing these services on their behalf in the event that they chose to outsource the energy procurement activity in future.

We gathered the necessary portfolio information and ran a competitive tender which delivered an annual saving of 34% against their previous charges.

The selected contract was tracked through the supplier registration process to ensure that the agreed rates were properly applied and correctly billed throughout the period of the contract.

A pre-existing long running invoice dispute was quickly resolved, the settlement of which included a 6% goodwill reduction on the account from the supplier.