Large Grammar School


This leading independent day school for boys and girls aged 7 -18 years has over 1200 students, more than 250 of whom are in the Junior School which shares the same site as the Senior School. The Sixth Form of more than 300 students is one of the largest in the independent sector.


We compiled a detailed portfolio of each meter point to include information relating to both consumption and unit rates. This allowed the client to gain a very accurate understanding of overall cost and usage in its entirety.

Having established the existing contract status, we were able to monitor market conditions, track pricing trends and provide a proposal to tender, ensuring that energy was purchased at the right time and for the optimum contract term, thus minimising costs to the school and protecting the client from future increases and market volatility.

The school also undertook the development of a new swimming pool and sports facility. Square One were able to support the application for an increase in available capacity and new gas supply, ensuring that all documentation was correctly submitted to the relevant parties and that quotes received in a timely manner. We subsequently negotiated a new supply contract and meter installation in line with client requirements.