Large Manufacturing Plant


Employing approximately 900 people at a single site, this large manufacturer has extremely tight timelines for production, is required to operate to the very highest quality standards and exports its finished product to counties all around the world.


We carried out a full energy audit of the plant to assist in highlighting opportunities for energy efficiency savings and also advised on how to best to implement the findings of that report.

Working with the energy efficiency committee, we assisted in the creation of a reporting format which was easily understood by all key stakeholders across the business to ensure that all departments were able to assist in the overall energy reduction targets of the business.

Such a major manufacturing operation has a large energy spend and energy procurement is crucial to its profitability.

Working closely with the purchasing department, we successfully procured contracts for both Gas and Electricity over a number of years at highly competitive rates and at well below the market average. This has allowed the business to accurately budget for the energy component of its operating costs, which is a crucial element when quoting the manufacture of its product to its export markets which currently extends to over 60 countries around the world every year.