Large Residential College


Being a long established full boarding school means that all pupils live at the school and the establishment has grown in size over many decades to have well in excess of 300 separate building.

Problems were being experienced as a result of a high proportion of estimated bills being issued, which in turn caused inaccurate budgetary forecasts and the constant adjustment of payments.


We compiled a detailed portfolio of every building and meter point to include both consumption and unit rates. This allowed the client to gain a very accurate understanding of overall cost and usage in its entirety.

We arranged for smart meters to be installed at all major sites. This instantly removed the problem of estimated accounts whilst simultaneously giving access to energy management data which was used to encourage pupils to dramatically reduce the amount of energy being used.

We kept the client informed of price movements and trends within the energy market. This allowed us to tender for the renewal contacts at the optimum moment and resulted in new long-term contracts being placed at the very bottom of the market. The new contracts protected the school from the subsequent severe rises in energy prices which took place over the following years.