Printing Company


This long established company has proud roots stretching back to the 1940’s and in addition to its UK based clients, it also exports its products to many countries throughout the world.

As the company grew over the decades, so did its facilities, resulting in production and distribution now being serviced via a number of buildings throughout the northeast region.

Issue 1

When we first engaged with the company, there were a number of issues being experienced with regards to incorrect billing being issued by multiple suppliers. This caused issues with operational staff needing to spend significant time resolving disputes and also resulted in the accounts department finding it difficult to accurately budget for utilities.


We quickly resolved all outstanding disputes and arranged for a highly competitive full tender for a single supplier to be put in place which had staggered start dates and a common end date.


We were quickly able to arrange accurate and timely group billing from a single supplier, achieved a far more competitive rate and streamlined the tender process so that the periodic renewal of contracts takes the client very little management time to oversee.

Issue 2

The company made significant investment in a new printing press, but were subsequently advised by the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) that there was not sufficient capacity on the local electricity network for the equipment to be installed and gave a quote of over £25,000 and a lead time of 6 months to rectify the problem.


Due to our experience and standing within the industry, we were able to suggest ways of altering the electrical load on the network and successfully argued that any costs associated with reinforcing the network should be borne by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).


‘The professional advice received from Square One allowed us to make an informed decision relating to the positioning of the new printing press and subsequent decisions were taken to reposition the machinery in a way to progress quickly and to completely avoid the DNO costs’.