Energy Management Companies

There is a wide range of ability within Energy management companies with many claiming to provide various independent services to businesses, when in actual fact they have very little industry experience and do not actually offer a transparent or whole of market service.

At Square One Utilities we are able to deliver the highest level of service within all three of our three key services:

Our energy consultants are highly knowledgeable within the energy and utility market place, meaning we will bring a range of benefits with them.

1.    Due to our unique systems and methodologies we will identify the best time for your business to move contracts, ensuring you are benefiting from the best deals on the market
2.    We take away the headache of managing your energy, releasing valuable time to allow you to focus resources back into running your business 
3.    We operate an ethical and transparent reporting system showing a full breakdown of your energy spend, so that you know exactly where every penny is spent
4.    We are absolutely independent from suppliers and jealously protect our independence and impartiality. In every instance when we negotiate energy contracts we perform a full tender process on your behalf which is fully transparent allowing you absolute clarity as to what is right for your business 
5.    We will fully manage the relationship with the suppliers on your behalf, so we become your single point of contact with any issues relating to  your energy supply

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