£17bn smart grid plan unveiled

The Energy Network Association (ENA) unveiled plans this week which show businesses and residential properties will soon be able to buy and sell electricity to each other through a smart grid. The technology will allow businesses and households to sell electricity they generate in mini-markets making it a lot easier to sell excess electricity generated from solar panels and wind turbines which have been installed.

It is hoped that this will help ease the pressure on the UK’s energy infrastructure and allow increasingly popular smart devices to connect directly to the national grid. The ENA has come under criticism in recent years for not delivering enough impactful change and it is believed that the scale of this announcement will silence those critics.

The new plans also suggest that businesses and household will be able to better plan when they use their energy, with smart devices automatically switching to low power mode or switching off completely when usage on the grid is at its highest.

As more details of the announcement are revealed in the coming months, industry experts are hoping that the plans will modernise the UK’s energy infrastructure.