20% of Labour and Lib Dems will oppose fracking

Over a fifth of Labour and Lib Dem candidates have said that they will oppose fracking despite their parties supporting it. This came to light when ‘The Pledge’ was circulated by green piece which asked the candidates if they will appose fracking if their constituency will be an area that will be fracked, or appose fracking nationwide if their constituency isn’t an area that will be fracked. Among the Lib Dems who signed there was 7 of the frond bench.

Last month the Lib Dem secretary for climate change Ed Davey distanced himself from the Tory plans to frack anywhere and everywhere, but still supports well regulated fracking in the UK.

Labour during the last government had called for stronger regulations on fracking, including laws against fracking in national parks, however the party still understand the potential resources available and like the Lib Dems support a well regulated fracking industry.

With 20% signing up to oppose fracking already, it appears that both parties will face opposition from within their ranks if they were to go ahead with fracking.