Are companies too relaxed over ESOS?

A recent study has revealed that three out of four companies who require an ESOS audit by the 5th of December, have not yet started to audit their sites. This audit stage is a process that can take a few months to complete so although there is still seven months to the compliance date, it is not as much time as it may seem.

Another worrying statistic for those companies who have not yet started the process is that just over 50% of them still need to appoint a lead assessor. There are less than 500 lead assessors in the country and with over 10,000 business needing to comply, their services are in very high demand. This could lead to higher costs for companies, or they could find that they are unable to see a lead assessor before the compliance date. If a company misses the compliance date they will be susceptible to the ESOS fines of an initial £5000 plus £500 per day up until a maximum of £40,000.

Even if a business decides to carry out the ESOS audits internally, they must first see a lead assessor who will advise them if they are following the correct procedure.

As the compliance date draws ever closer, there is a feel that panic may set in for those companies who will need to rush to comply. It is advised that if you have not already set a plan to comply with ESOS you will have to get the ball rolling soon.

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