Energy Reforms Enacted by the Government

The UK’s coalition government over the past five years have been supporters of the shale industry, passing the Infrastructure Act on the 12th of February which made it a lot easier for shale companies to begin drilling and contained a number of key points for the energy sector.

Firstly the Act provides a right of access on land at least 300m below the surface. This was a change in direction where previously drillers would need the permission of the landholder.

Labour has asked for some major points to be included in the act, such as the banning of fracking in national parks, which where rejected by the coalition government and removed as the act was completed. This again shows the coalitions intentions to give more power to the shale industry in the UK.

The Act also included key points for the UK’s offshore industry, such as the need to propose a plan on how the offshore industry will be strengthened.

Overall the Act intends to strengthen the UK’s energy sector through giving more power into the hand of shale gas companies and by strengthening the UK’s established offshore industry. Obviously the upcoming election on May the 7th could provide significant changes in policy for the energy industry.