EU needs more powers to ensure it meets the 27% renewable energy target

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has claimed that the European Commission needs more powers to ensure that its members meet the 27% renewable energy pledge by 2030. The paper released by EWEA claimed that the European Commission must be hard on those states that were not pulling their own weight, and instead expected other countries to go beyond the target and make up for their short fall.

Countries within the EU must set their own targets by the end of 2017, which then gives the European Commission time to assess whether they will hit the overall target of 27%. If the target will not be met a review will be made in 2020 which will allocate extra funds for renewable projects.

EWEA is suggesting that the European Commission should get involved with member states every two years to ensure they will hit their individual target. On these bi-yearly visits the European Commission would make recommendations, which if ignored will then be referred to the European Court of Justice.