Europe told to upgrade its electricity grid

The EU has been told that it will miss its renewable energy target unless it upgrades its current electricity grid. The target set by the EU is to have 35% of all electricity generated by renewable sources by 2030, however having such a high mix of renewable energy requires a smart grid which can adapt and transform with demand.

The Organisation behind the comments, the Renewable Grid Initiative (RGI), have said that new demand response technologies will not be enough and that the EU should also be investing in battery storage and more flexible wind farms.  

The potential of renewable energy in Europe has been identified by the EU as one of the main ways for them to meet the Paris Climate Agreement and the ambitious target of a 35% renewable energy mix reflect these views. It is thought that having such a high amount of renewable energy generation will save EU member states billions of Euros in the importation of fossil fuels such as coal.

Countries signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement will also be fined for excessive carbon usage and as Renewable Energy generation is carbon-free, EU states will also be shielded from those fines and tariffs. It is clear that money will be saved in the medium to long term, however the investment in infrastructure is required now, in the short term, if these plans are to come to fruition.