Fast charging power stations to be built in the North East

Fastned have announced they won a tender with the UK’s North East Combined Authority to build two fast charging plug-in power stations in the North East of England. The fast charging stations will be built in Sunderland and Newcastle and will provide the region with the infrastructure to cope with the expected increase in electric vehicles over the next decade. Under Government plans announced last year people living in the UK will not be able to buy petrol or diesel cars from 2040.

Fastned is a Netherlands based company who specialises in building fast charging power stations with contracts throughout Europe. A huge challenge the electric vehicle industry faces is the length of time it takes to charge the battery and Fastned are attempting to solve this issue with fast charging stations like the ones being built in Sunderland and Newcastle.

The stations can use much higher voltages than traditional charging points installed in people’s homes which reduces the amount of time it takes to charge a battery to around 45 minutes. This is still a lot higher than the time it takes to fill up a petrol tank, but is a massive reduction from when electric cars first started to make an appearance at the beginning of the century.

It is hoped that these stations will be the first of many in the region as electric vehicles become more popular and charging technology improves.