Fossil fuels overtaken by renewables in the US

More than half of new energy added to the United States electricity grid was from renewable energy sources, with the amount of new electricity generated from fossil fuels falling. 68% of new energy added to the grid came from renewable energy sources, which has now been the biggest source of new electricity generation for two year running.

There was a total of $56 billion invested in renewable energy in 2015, with $30.2 billion of that invested in solar energy. $11.6 billion was invested in wind energy, although wind energy was the biggest contributor to the electricity generated by renewables, with 8.5GW coming from new wind turbines.

A record number of coal power plants were shut in the US, who are following a similar path to the UK. The UK has said that it will shut all coal power plants by 2025, which has been met by mixed opinions. Critics of closing coal power plants state that the UK will struggle to meet electricity demand without the power plants, however, the benefits to the environment with reduced carbon emissions are clear for everyone to see.

With China now taking action to cut their carbon emissions, there are good signs coming from all around the world in the fight to slow down climate change.