Nuclear power might not be the answer

New nuclear power plants may not be the best way for the UK to hit carbon targets and meet increasing demand, according to the Liberal Democrats. This comes a week after a report was published which showed new offshore wind farms can be developed much more cheaply than new nuclear plants.

The report revealed that the two latest offshore windfarms which have been given Government backing would produce electricity at nearly half the price of Hinkley Point C. This has led to questions on whether the Governments plans to award funding to more nuclear projects are the most efficient use of public funds.

There are also worries about the speed in which a nuclear power station takes to build and start producing electricity. The UK’s electricity demand is growing at an increasing rate and there is a real sense of urgency amongst industry experts to quickly resolve the issue. An offshore wind farm can be built in a much quicker timeframe.

If the UK wasn’t able to meet its growing electricity demand it would have to import at a premium from the EU, which would mean prices for businesses and households would increase dramatically.

The Lib Dems have urged that they don’t want nuclear to be removed from the table completely, however they feel other options should be considered.

Whether it’s nuclear or renewable energy sources which meets the UK’s demands, a plan must be put into action soon if the UK is to hit carbon targets and keep the lights on.