Solar Energy Booming in the UK

The falling price of solar panels has meant a huge increase in the use of solar energy in recent times. It has been predicted that solar energy will account for 4% of the UK’s overall energy usage by 2020.

The increased use has caused the government to end its subsidies for solar projects that they count as large-scale, a move that has came under a great deal of criticism. Critics state that the end of subsidies could cause the market to become uncompetitive and make it even harder for solar power to compete with fossil fuels.

The first three months of 2015 saw as many solar projects build in the UK as the whole of 2014, as many people rushed to beat the deadline for the end of the subsidies.

Despite this, the price of solar panels has reduced by 70% over the past few years and the future of the UK’s solar energy market is looking very bright.