Energy Saving Tips - The Office

With ever rising energy costs, employers and employees are constantly looking for ways to save on energy usage. A recent report by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 9 in 10 SME's want to be more energy efficient and a seperate report found that 68% of UK employees want their company to be more energy efficient. Below is a short guid to a few steps you can take to save energy thoughout the office.


Water Market Deregulation

At Square One we believe that preparation is the key to success. With 2017 fast approaching we are taking all steps necessary to ensure we are helping as many businesses as possible with getting prepared for the water market deregulation.....

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a new piece of legislation designed to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions in order to hit the 2050 targets set in 2010.

Other initiatives which have come about as a result of the carbon emissions targets include a range of financial and tax incentives together with various trading mechanisms.

Water Management Fact Sheet

An undetected water leak can end up becoming an unnecessary expense to an organisation.

Our water management services ensure that businesses are only paying for the water that they actually need.

Square One Utilities specialist water management consultants have vast experience thanks to having worked with major water users across every business sector for many years.
Our experts have both the knowledge and the tools to help your business drive down your water costs significantly.

Energy Management Fact Sheet

Not only do we ensure that our customers are benefiting from the best deals on the market via our energy procurement services, we will also help you drive down the overall cost of your energy by helping to reduce the amount you use.

Our energy management services can provide full energy audits to identify the areas where your organisation can make significant savings in energy usage.

Our energy consultants not only identify opportunities, but also work closely with you to help implement recommended changes to deliver significant and sustainable efficiency improvements.

Energy Procurement Fact Sheet

Being on the wrong energy contract will significantly disadvantage your business.

At Square One Utilities, our energy procurement service ensures our customers benefit from the best energy contract for their specific business requirements.

Our unique methodologies and reporting tools keep track of your energy contracts and the volatile energy market conditions to ensure that your business is benefiting from the best deals at any given time.