Energy prices

US set to become global gas exporter

The US is set to flood world markets with liquefied natural gas with quantities that will rival the likes of Russia. This comes after announcements that they plan to become net gas exporters instead of net gas importers by as early as 2017 due to the rapid growth of the shale gas industry.

March sees commodities return to a downward trend

Brent crude oil, carbon and coal prices returned to a downward trend throughout march which had a similar impact on gas and electric prices. Oil prices averaged $57 per/barrel due to concerns over US storage capacity maxing out.

The fall in oil prices had a huge impact on coal prices which dropped to a five year low after also having a drop in demand causing oversupply.

This fall in commodity prices led to a fall in gas and electricity contracts with gas Winter 15 contacts falling on average 3% and electric winter 15 contracts falling 2.7%.