Are you one of the 3,000 companies that still haven’t complied with ESOS?


The Environment Agency has confirmed that more than 3,000 organisations that are required to participate in the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) are yet to notify them that they are intending to comply. The original deadline of the 5th of December was extended till the end of January 2016 due to a large amount of companies that were expected to miss the deadline.

What can we learn from The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

Throughout ESOS, many companies have been very reluctant to commit the resources needed to complete the scheme on time. There has also been other problems with ESOS, such as a lack of Lead Assessors required to sign off the scheme, which has ultimately led to an extension of the deadline date.

Will the ESOS deadline extension be enough?

With news of the ESOS deadline extension sinking in, it has lead to some to question whether the extra time will be enough for some companies. Under the new guidelines companies will need to notify the Environmental Agency if they are going to miss the old deadline of December the 5th, which will then give them until January 29th.

With the extension falling over the Christmas period with factory shutdowns and holidays overlapping, many experts believe that despite the extension a large number of companies will still fail to comply.   

ESOS deadline extended

The Environment agency has announced that it will be extending the deadline to comply with ESOS and will not be sanctioning any businesses that miss the December the 5th deadline. Instead the deadline to comply will be moved to January 2016.

Carbon reporting and taxation needs to be streamlined

A new consultation is to advise the government that its policies for carbon taxation and carbon reporting need to be more streamlined. Currently businesses have two energy tax schemes through the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and the Carbon Reduction Commitment  (CRC) as well as three separate carbon reporting requirements in the forms of ESOS, CRC  and mandatory Carbon Reporting.

Only 152 companies have complied with ESOS

The Environmental Agency confirmed in September that only 152 companies have notified them that they have complied with ESOS. With around 14,000 companies required to comply, there is expected to be a huge shortfall, leading to the question, will the Environmental Agency be able to enforce the punishment to such a large number of companies?

There are a huge number of companies that will register their compliance as the deadline gets closer, however it is very unlikely that all companies that fall under the scheme  will be able to comply.

Why have some businesses still not acted on ESOS?

There has been a huge push by the industry to raise awareness of ESOS through articles, webinars, seminars and workshops, yet there are still some companies that have not started to act on ESOS yet. With the December the 5th deadline now fast approaching, you would think that the majority of companies that must comply, would have at least started to gather the information required for the audit, however, this is not the case.

Almost two thirds of companies have not budgeted for ESOS

A recent study has found that 60% of companies have not budgeted for ESOS, this comes five months after a report found that a majority of companies who needed to comply had not even heard of the scheme. The ESOS scheme requires companies that have more than 250 employees or a revenue greater than £42.5 million a year to complete an energy audit by December this year. It is expected to apply to around 7,000 businesses across the UK.

Are companies too relaxed over ESOS?


A recent study has revealed that three out of four companies who require an ESOS audit by the 5th of December, have not yet started to audit their sites. This audit stage is a process that can take a few months to complete so although there is still seven months to the compliance date, it is not as much time as it may seem.