The EU and Ukraine agree a deal with Russia for gas

An agreement has been reached by the EU, Ukraine and Russia over the supply of natural gas throughout the Winter. It was thought the tensions between Ukraine and Russia would make reaching an agreement difficult, leading to worries of a natural gas shortage throughout Eastern Europe. The conflict between Ukraine and pro Russian soldiers in the east of the country has killed almost 8,000 people since it began in 2014.

EU needs more powers to ensure it meets the 27% renewable energy target

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has claimed that the European Commission needs more powers to ensure that its members meet the 27% renewable energy pledge by 2030. The paper released by EWEA claimed that the European Commission must be hard on those states that were not pulling their own weight, and instead expected other countries to go beyond the target and make up for their short fall.

Gazprom charged with market abuse by EU

Gazprom has been given 12 weeks to respond to allegations from the EU about breaking anti-trust laws in relation to its dominant market position. The European Commission opened the investigation this week after allegations over some of its business practices in eastern and central Europe.

This move by the EU is expected to further hinder relations with Moscow due to the Russian Federation being the majority stakeholder in Gazprom.