Water Management

An undetected water leak can end up becoming an unnecessary expense to an organisation. 

Our water management services (what is water management) ensure that businesses are only paying for the water that they actually need.

Square One Utilities specialist water management consultants have vast experience thanks to having worked with major water users across every business sector for many years.

Our experts have both the knowledge and the tools to help your business drive down your water costs significantly.

Following initial investigation we have found that on average customers are losing 40% of their total water consumption at the outset of their project. Furthermore 80% of sites are found to have leaks/excessive use and our approach is proven to deliver significant and sustainable savings.

Savings are achieved by implementing our Utilities Manager monitoring system which provides ongoing and detailed water consumption detail for each site. This data is accessible to you via an internet account and the system provides various analysis and reporting functions.

Once the ongoing consumption profile is apparent and the level of excessive use / leakage is quantified, we can carry out a survey inspection of the site to identify the causes which can be from a variety of sources such as underground leaks, excessive ongoing use from urinals, taps and overflows etc.

In the majority of cases a site survey can be completed in a single day and is supported by a report detailing of our findings together with recommended solutions.

Contact a member of our team today to find out more or to arrange a free water audit.