Water Procurement

The water market in England opened to competition in April 2017 and as a result, every business customer can now benefit from competition.

It is generally expected that competition in the English market will follow the example set by the Scottish water industry which opened to competition back in 2008. Whilst in the early years of competition within Scotland savings were relatively low single digits, this has now grown to around 20%.

Whilst cost savings might take a little time to grow, it is expected that significant savings can be made by reviewing charges related to drainage and usage. Water retailers are now keen to differentiate themselves in the new competitive market and are offing a range of added value products and services to assist in reducing water consumption.

Square One is able to assist clients in compiling water portfolio information in readiness to take advantage of the opportunities within the water sector. We will also assist by tendering to the market, accurately evaluating what is on offer for your business and managing the entire registration and billing process on your behalf in the event that you decide to switch supplier or take advantage of improved rates from your current water provider. Contact a member of our team today to find out more or to arrange a free water audit.